“Catch the Grace” is an incredibly effective and transformative seated practice.   For 15 minutes you will turn you focus inward and completely recalibrate your system using your breath and imagination.  I know it sounds like a lot, but as I practiced this class for you in the video, I could feel my system shifting.  By aerating through the various pumping techniques, the nervous system relaxes and the physical body flushes and opens up.  I recommend doing this video on its own as a daily routine or tacking it onto the front or back of the other videos in this bundle.  Play around and experiment with making your setting smell good and feel good.  And make sure your seat is comfortable!


“Efficiency in Movement” is a 20 minute class designed to pack a punch.  I want you to feel accomplished and like you were able to get your practice in.  You will build heat, breathe rhythmically and stir things up.  Commit to focusing for the whole 20 minutes and you can emerge feeling completely different.  


“Complete Cycle” is my perfect practice.  This is a balanced practice that builds heat for the first 30 minutes and then downshifts the nervous system with deep hip openers and spinal neutralizers for the last 15.  The lengthy and indulgent warm up includes tons of spherical and organic movement which is my absolute favorite way to move my body.  This is a whole body longevity practice that is designed to care for the joints and create pliancy, health and vitality in the physical body.